What is Smile Design?


The definition of smile design is made as the processes of making teeth and gums that are not aesthetically pleasing due to various reasons, as natural and beautiful as possible according to the patient’s face shapes and needs

Smile aesthetics is performed after all or some of the following operations are selected by the physician.

Teeth Whitening : Teeth whitening is a quick aesthetic procedure that can be done for everyone. Changing the perception at first sight for teeth that have lost their color feature is possible thanks to the teeth whitening process. New versions such as laser whitening can be used. Operations categorized as laser whitening are the process of directing laser light to the tooth to which tooth whitening chemical is applied.

Laminated Teeth Application: Laminated tooth coating is one of the fastest methods of showing the teeth perfectly. It is applied to each tooth individually. Laminated tooth application is the process of polishing the veneers placed on the tooth after proper positioning. This polishing makes the teeth look flawless.

Implant Applications: It is one of the frequently applied treatments in case the patient to whom smile aesthetic procedure will be applied has missing teeth. Before starting the improvement processes for color and appearance, missing teeth are completed with implant treatment.

Reshaping Process : It is used to arrange the long teeth that create small obstacles to the closing of the jaw. Crooked or long teeth cause the jaw to fuse off-axis when the mouth is closed. In this case, minor axis shifts are eliminated by the reshaping process. The reshaping process is also used to improve the appearance of crooked teeth. Physicians often resort to this method when they do not want to lose the entire tooth.

Zirconium Dental Application:
Zirconium dental applications are the process of covering all the outer surfaces of the tooth . A little tooth reduction can be applied to cover all surfaces of the tooth. Zirconium teeth and laminated teeth can be mixed from time to time. Laminated tooth is the veneer placed on the front of the tooth by the dentist, while zirconium is the veneer added to the entire visible surface of the tooth.

Gummy Smile Operation : It is one of the procedures that is Gum Lift in English and is applied in the category of gingival aesthetics. The excessive appearance of the gums while smiling is called “gummy smile”. One of the gingival aesthetic treatment methods is used. The aim is to make the gums less visible when smiling. Smile aesthetics is a challenging process for the physician. The patient’s wishes should be listened to and solutions suitable for the tooth structure should be offered. At this point, the dentist receives support from dental technicians and computer programs. The treatment, which is categorized as smile aesthetics, benefits from all branches of dentistry.

How long is the treatment period?

In today’s conditions, while people are trying to catch up with life in a busy pace, one of the most curious issues about smile design is the treatment period. The duration of treatment planned for the individual may differ. Depending on the structure of the mouth and teeth, sometimes the treatment ends in a single session, while you may need to undergo several sessions of treatment depending on the situation.

Before going to the design phase, the physician examines the patient and determines the existing problems. After the tooth alignment and oral health are provided, the design is carried out in a way that is suitable for the person. In other words, the duration of treatment is completely related to the oral health of the person.

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