What is Root Canal Treatment?


Root canal treatment is a form of treatment used in cases where the nerves in the tooth are damaged due to reasons such as loss of function, caries or trauma.

In Which Situations Is Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics) Applied?

Root canal treatment is required when there is severe, often throbbing and long-lasting pain that may start spontaneously without any cause, pain caused by teeth touching each other when biting while eating, pain when drinking hot things, and pain that wakes you up at night.

  Stages of root canal treatment:   

  • First of all, the tooth is anesthetized for a painless and painless treatment.
  • Then, when the caries is cleaned and the core of the tooth is reached, the diseased and soft tissue is removed. Nerve and tissue residues are cleaned.
  • The tooth canal is shaped up to the root tip. If necessary, the recovery can be accelerated by administering some medications.
  • Between sessions, the tooth is covered with temporary filling materials until the tooth heals. After it is understood that the growth of the inflammation has stopped and the inflammation from the root end is over, the canal is filled with a special filling material up to the root tip.
  • In some cases, these sessions are not needed at all, and it is possible to complete the root canal treatment in a single session.

Is root canal treatment a painful procedure?

Since local anesthesia is used during root canal treatment, there is no pain. A suitable pain reliever can be used for mild sensitivities after treatment.

How many sessions does root canal treatment take?

Under normal conditions, it is best to complete the root canal treatment in one session. However, in an infected tooth, it may take two or three sessions depending on the condition of the infection. In such cases, the tooth should be covered with temporary fillings by placing appropriate antiseptic dressings between sessions.

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