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With the development of technology, different ways have begun to be tried in treatment services that are in the process of change and development. Increasing treatment costs abroad direct individuals to Dental Tourism. In different countries, they reduce their costs in healthcare expenditures by getting both travel and treatment services.

Today, tourism, which is formed by the patients suffering from dental diseases or those who want to have dental aesthetics, travel to different countries in order to benefit from the price advantage, to receive a quality treatment and to have a holiday other than treatment, is called “Dental Health Tourism”.

As Dent Art Port Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, we provide you with treatment in Bodrum’s most preferred dental clinic and offer you high quality treatment organizations.

Dent Art Port Dental Polyclinic provides dental treatment services in Bodrum to patients from all over the world. We ensure that you get these treatments at the high standards of our dental clinic and at affordable prices.

Dental patients of our experienced and you will receive our expert dentist for dental treatment you can get outside of Turkey are suitable for diagnosis and treatment as effective and standards. We support you to feel safe and to continue your treatment with the most appropriate planning.

How Do We Plan Your Dental Treatments and Your Dream Vacation?

  • Feel Good in Bodrum We plan every detail for you.
  • Before starting the treatment, it will be very useful to send us (via the send file button on our web page) your latest available chin film, three-dimensional tomography and, if possible, intraoral photos. In this way, we can plan the most suitable and fastest treatment process for you.
  • With this plan, we will inform you by e-mail about the average treatment duration and cost. We do not find it appropriate to provide price information on the phone or without examination.
  • Apart from your treatment, we also offer accommodation, transportation, travel and guide services if you wish.
  • During your treatment, if you want, you can stay at the quality hotels we have contracted for more affordable prices, and you can carry out the travel programs we have prepared for you in peace and safety with a guide.

In Bodrum, the Pearl of the Aegean, we both restore you to your health and ensure you live the holiday of your dreams.


Cultural tourism in Bodrum Sea and the will to live together is one of the most tourist district in Muğla in Turkey. It is a great holiday route for travel lovers from many countries of the world. You can have everything you want from a holiday with its warm climate, deep blue seas, ancient cities full of history.


The name of Bodrum is named after St. Comes from Petrium knights. At that time, this name, which was pronounced as BODRUM by the Turks living here, became definite as Bodrum with the establishment of the Republic.

Source: Bodrum Municipality

For detailed information about Bodrum, https://bodrum.bel.tr/

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