What is Orthodontics?


Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that examines the crookedness of the teeth, the positions of the jawbones with each other and treats the problems in these matters. Orthodontic treatment aims to improve the chewing and speech functions as well as improving the aesthetic appearance of the patient. As a result of the treatment, an ideal jaw relationship and a smooth tooth alignment are achieved.

At What Age Is Orthodontic Treatment Applied?

Orthodontist and treatment is a type of treatment that can be applied to every age group. The important element is how the tooth disorder is and at what stage it is. If the existing disorder is only caused by teeth, it can be treated at any age. However, if there is a problem with the skeletal system, it is expected that the adolescent period will pass in this direction.

In adulthood, surgical operations are planned to be combined with treatment due to skeletal problems. Some wire materials are used for tooth distortion. In addition, in patients who have problems with the alignment of the teeth, the biggest problem today is that the braces are not aesthetic in terms of appearance. However, today, with the developing technology, it is a great advantage for patients with the creation of invisible invisible wires.

There are different orthodontic treatment applications for the solution of the problem in your teeth. These applications are as follows:

Bracketing the teeth

Brackets are the most applied and most common orthodontic treatment application. A stable force is applied to the teeth with the wires passed through the brackets attached to the teeth. With this treatment, it is aimed to position the teeth properly and the position of the teeth becomes normal within the prescribed treatment period. The orthodontic treatment process with brackets can take a few months as well as a few years. It all depends on the process needed.


 Aligner treatment, also known as braceless treatment, is a preferred model in the orthodontic treatment process of adults. In order to align the teeth, this treatment process without brackets and wires is done with the help of an aligner. Transparent aligners are only removed for brushing and eating.

Appliances used for jaw disorders

With the help of devices called splints, to correct orthodontic disorders, jaw position defect, better and easier closure of the jaw is provided and it is preferred for the correction of joint disorders in the jaw area.


The headgear, which ensures that the posterior teeth are fixed and the anterior teeth move backward, is applied with a model placed behind the head. Headgear, which is connected to the front of the head with a metal wire, is a method applied to eliminate the problems experienced in closing the jaw.

How Are Teeth Spaces Closed?

Before orthodontic treatment, your doctor will examine you and then ask for films to see the structure of the mouth better. Together with these films, he will decide on the wire treatment and will start the treatment to close the tooth gaps. In wire treatments, the force between the teeth can be increased with special rubbers, and the teeth can be brought closer to each other with a different apparatus according to the severity of the gap.

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