What is braces treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is a treatment method that allows the person to get the teeth he wants by examining the mouth, teeth and head structure in order to correct this problem, if the normal tooth structure is different and perplexed.

Normally, the upper teeth should be ahead of the lower teeth at mouth closing. If the opposite is the case, that is, if the lower teeth stay further than the upper teeth, this is called ‘cross bite’.

In Which Cases Is Treatment Needed?

  • In cases where the front teeth are too far ahead and lips do not touch each other,
  • In cases where the teeth do not settle properly or overlap each other,
  • In cases where the teeth are lined up too often
  • When you bring your teeth to the closure, if there is a large gap between the upper and lower front incisors, if the teeth are located too far from each other, that is, in cases we call openbite
  • If your front incisors are too open,
  • If you have difficulty chewing or speaking some letters even though there is no obvious crookedness in your teeth,
  • If your child is still breastfeeding or pacifier after the age of 4, you should consult a dentist.
  • In children who have lost their milk teeth before the time of falling, especially in the age group of 6, you should take your child to the dentist in the absence of premature extractions or molar molars.

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