Gum Diseases and Treatment


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Gum diseases It is the department that deals with the tissues surrounding the teeth, inflammatory diseases and their treatment.

It is an inflammatory disease characterized by the destruction of teeth and supporting tissues (periodontal ligament, cementum, alveolar bone). Gingivitis has progressed to the alveolar bone (jawbone).

Periodontitis is caused by bacterial plaque and can be treated mechanically. However, genetic, environmental and systematic factors may also be factors in the formation of the disease.

Systemic factors include diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy, Down syndrome, AIDS, and blood diseases.

The first symptom of periodontal diseases, which are common in the society, is bleeding in the gums. The gums are red, swollen and shiny. Often these symptoms are accompanied by bad breath, itching in the gums, bleeding sensation, and tooth sensitivity.

Periodontal diseases can affect people of all ages in different severities from childhood to old age. Most of the time, since the patient does not have any complaints such as pain, it can progress without symptoms.

When the patient has a complaint, solid, decay-free teeth are lost by shaking due to losses in supporting tissues.

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