Dent Art Port of Bodrum Dental Clinic Protects You with Ozone Technology.


As Bodrum Dental Clinic Dent Art Port, we care about your dental treatment in a sterile environment and under hygienic conditions. Breaking a new ground in Bodrum Turgutreis, we sterilize our dental clinic with Ozone Technology .

Ozone, the world’s most powerful sterilizer, has the highest cleaning power with 99.9%, these days when hygiene and cleanliness are important due to the Covid 19 outbreak.

What is Ozone Technology?

  • Ozone is an active chemical made up of three oxygen atoms.
  • It is the fresh-smelling air you feel after stormy and rainy weather, in high places or on the seashore.
  • It is the strongest and natural disinfectant found in nature.
  • It does not leave bacteria and bad odor in the areas where it is used.

Don’t be afraid of germs! We Provide Disinfection with Ozone Technology at Bodrum Dental Clinic Dent Art Port!

The environments we live in are covered with many micro-organisms. These organisms pose a threat to human health. Thus, organisms reproduce in suitable environments. It negatively affects the immune system and therefore causes diseases.

With the increase of environmental pollution and industrialization, the natural ozone gas cycle is disrupted. Therefore, there is an increase in epidemic diseases. Ozone production technologies provide the oxygen needed by living beings to tissues and cells in the most effective way. In this way, it provides the strongest known sterilization by eliminating toxins.

Bodrum Dental Clinic Dent Art Port ensures the hygiene of your breath and treatment in a healthy environment.

We clean Bodrum Dental Clinic Dent Art Port using Ozone Technology and help you protect your health at the highest level.

Ozone Technology We Use; It keeps indoor air clean and fresh. Moisture, mold, food, gas, toilet, cigarette, etc. It removes bad odors. It neutralizes and eliminates bacteria, dust, mold, virus and pollen in the air.

Dent Art Port Bodrum Dental Polyclinic

Feel safe at Dent Art Port Bodrum Dental Clinic. Equipped with Ozone Technology, our clinic is disinfected every day at the end of working hours for certain periods.

Ozonation prevents heavy odors in crowded places and microbes such as Coronavirus that can be transmitted from person to person by air. Thus, it creates a feeling of hygiene and freshness in the air. The most important feature of ozone is that it is a very effective disinfectant and is completely natural. It is not a chemical component, so it leaves no residue in the environment. In a healthy environment, you can have your treatments done with peace of mind.

As Turgutreis, Dent Art Port Dental Clinic, We Protect You Against Coronavirus.

Your smile and health are safe … 

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