Prosthetic Dentistry


Our teeth have a very important role in chewing function. Over the years, the damage it causes in other parts of our body is also on our teeth and tooth loss may occur.

Tooth losses that occur can be removed with different prosthesis types depending on the number of losses.

Fixed Dentures

Fixed prostheses are types of prostheses that are fixed on neighboring teeth and perceive as the patient’s own tooth or teeth, as the tooth losses occurring over time. Crowns where material losses on a single tooth are eliminated or bridges where tooth deficiencies are completed are called fixed prostheses.


Damage to the tooth caused by caries or trauma, in some cases, causes the loss of a large part of the tooth and weaken the tooth. In these cases, filling will not be sufficient. In order to strengthen the tooth in terms of durability, it should be covered with metal-ceramic or full ceramic restorations. This coating, which restores the shape, color and function of the tooth, is called a crown.

Bridges (Porcelain and Zircon Bridges)

Bridge construction is one of the methods used to eliminate tooth deficiencies. Missing teeth or teeth are tried to be restored with bridges made with support from neighboring teeth. For this reason, neighboring teeth should be reduced at a certain rate.

Bridges usually consist of a metal substructure to withstand chewing forces and a porcelain superstructure that provides aesthetics. However, in today’s technology, it is possible to make more aesthetic and natural bridges with only porcelain in some cases.

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