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Today, Dental Botox treatment has also found wide use in the field of dentistry. Botox application is a method used to block the neurotransmission affecting the muscles for a certain period of time. Treatment or cosmetic applications are performed in various indications.

Botox is a toxin derived from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. Botox does not affect the whole body and muscles systemically. It only affects the place where it is applied locally. It temporarily blocks the conduction of the nerve endings in the applied area. Does not damage muscle tissue. Basically, it relaxes the contractions on the muscles and eliminates spasms. The effect of Botox is around 4-6 months. It is metabolized by the body and its effect ends after the time. In the muscles that are applied regularly and for a long time, the need may disappear over time.

Botox, a protein obtained from a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum, is used in dentistry in the treatment of teeth clenching (bruxism), gummy smile, chronic pain in the face, correction of the masculine appearance of the jaw structure in people with overdeveloped chewing muscles, and jaw joint treatment.


Teeth grinding or bruxism is a medical term that refers to a problem that unconsciously grinds the teeth while awake or asleep, which can cause physical pain and serious dental problems. Chronic grinding of teeth can cause headaches, earache, facial pain, and even migraines. The person who grinds teeth is usually unaware of it and it persists for years. Because it occurs at night, he is not aware of it, and if there is no stimulus from the environment, he will not notice it for a long time.

What Are the Symptoms of Bruxism?

  • Jaw pain
  • Earache
  • Headache
  • Difficulty in opening the jaw, limitation
  • Fatigue in chewing muscles
  • Teeth wear, thinning of enamel tissue and related sensitivity
  • Cracks, fractures in teeth
  • Reduction in face vertical dimension due to abrasions
  • Problems with applied dental treatments
  • Muscle growth due to load and transition to angular face form

How is botox applied in teeth grinding?

By injecting small doses of botulinum toxin directly into the masseter muscle (the large muscle that moves the jaw), the muscle is weakened as needed to stop the involuntary grinding of teeth and clenching of the jaw. This significantly relaxes the muscles and reduces wear and tear on the teeth due to grinding. The damage that causes headaches is reduced or eliminated. Voluntary movements such as chewing and facial expressions are definitely not affected by botox injection.

Smile Design

What is Gummy Smile?

The only thing we look at in dental aesthetics is not the form and color of the tooth. Gums, lips and teeth should be in harmony. The gums, which should be seen about 2mm in an ideal smile, appear up to about 10mm in these people. The teeth are in the foreground, there is a perception that they are bigger and proportionally spoils the aesthetics. Excessive pulling of the lip muscles is the most common of these reasons. In this case, botox is used to reduce muscle retraction. The muscle lip will not be able to lift as much as before. The number of application sessions and their points may vary from person to person.

Especially in patients whose gums are excessively visible during laughing, the effectiveness of some of the muscles that move the lip upwards is reduced, thereby eliminating the bad image. In addition, very successful results are obtained in erasing the deep smile lines called ‘Mona Lisa’ or ‘Marionette’ lines and in eliminating the vertical wrinkles on the lips of smokers.

With the botox application included in the Turkish Dental Association 2018 Guide Price Tariff, you can have the botox application done by the dentists who have been trained in Smile Aesthetics and Teeth Clenching.

Botox is applied to our patients in Dent Art Port Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic. You can use our communication channels to get detailed information about Botox application and to make an appointment.

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