All On Four Implant Technique (4-Implant Technique)


All fourteen technique is one of the treatments developed in recent years. All-on-4 treatment is a fast and effective treatment method applied in patients with no teeth to eliminate the conditions that require advanced surgery due to sinus lift, bone insertion and bone insufficiency.

It is more advantageous compared to classical implant surgeries. It is also very easy to clean and maintain. It is an easy treatment that takes a short time since it can be applied without the need for procedures such as sinus augmentation or bone addition.

What are the Advantages of the All On Four Implant Technique?

  • It prevents bone loss as prosthetic teeth are added after the implant is made in place of missing teeth.
  • It provides the opportunity to make a fixed dental prosthesis with a single surgical procedure on the same day in completely edentulous patients.
  • It provides an aesthetic appearance, laugh line and smile aesthetics that can be planned individually.
  • Speaking and chewing functions are more comfortable.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It is suitable for patients who cannot use removable dental prosthesis.
  • Its design is different compared to complete dental prostheses (palate prostheses). Since it does not cover the palate of the patient, it is easy to get used to and use.
  • Hitting, burning, sting, etc., which are common in removable dental prostheses. they do not create problems.
  • Since the number of sessions required for treatment is small, it is suitable for patients with limited time.

How Is All-On-4 Treatment Performed?

Titanium screw mechanism in conventional implants is used in All-on-4 treatment. The biggest difference between traditional implants and All-on-4 implants; how they are positioned in the mouth. While 8 or 10 implants are used to replace lost teeth in a completely edentulous jaw, only 4 implants are sufficient with this new technique.

In the front part, 2 implants are placed where the bone is the thickest, and 2 implants are placed at the back of the jawbone. While the front implants are placed at a 90 degree angle, the rear implants are placed at a 45 degree angle to ensure maximum stability. The next step after these 4 implants are placed, bridges or crowns are placed on the implants.

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