Why Choose Dent Art Port Dental Clinic?


How will your journey at Dent Art Port Bodrum Dental Clinic begin and what awaits you?

For most patients, visiting the dental clinic is very worrying and difficult. We have patients who visit us with great fear, keeping their Oral and Dental Health Problem waiting until the last stage. The first thing we will say for you is please don’t be afraid. We were able to send many patients with this anxiety after their treatment with less anxiety.

Changing dental treatment methods with the development of technology are now guiding us in achieving less painful and more effective results. The biggest factor behind our success is our ability to use digital technology and human power in the most effective way. We will be waiting for you at the clinic before you enter the clinic. We strongly recommend that you inform our assistants about your anxiety and anxiety problem before you come.

Our experienced team of physicians and assistants will explain to you in detail all the steps to be applied before starting the treatment. How much pain will you feel during which procedure? How will you feel during the stages of the procedure? And how will you overcome your anxiety? We understand all this feeling of distress you are experiencing, and we help you in your treatment by calming you and maintaining your comfort.

What do we provide for you to have a comfortable patient experience?

1) Patient satisfaction is a priority. From the moment you make your appointment to the end, we try to make your dental treatments hassle-free and enjoyable. We invest in the latest technology and education. That’s why we’re constantly improving our experience.

2) Even if the technological tools you see in the clinic look scary, they are very useful in compelling treatments. If you want, we can give you detailed information about what it does for each tool.

3) We know that there is an insecurity about the clinics, especially since it is the pandemic period, and is really curious about the risk of disease transmission. We have a good sterilization team at Dent Art Port Bodrum Dental Clinic. After each patient examination, chairs and instruments are sterilized. In our clinic, the ambient air is cleaned every night with Ozone Technology to ensure that our patients in the closed area of ​​the waiting room stay safe.

4) As Dent Art Port Bodrum Dental Clinic in Bodrum, Turkey’s most popular tourism region, we are determined to make you smile in every way, with first-class experts, the latest technology, and personal assistants.

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