What Foods Prevent Tooth Decay?


Did you know that you can protect your dental health with a healthy diet? The foods and beverages we consume have great effects on oral and dental health. In particular, colored beverages such as coffee and tea we drink cause a significant change in the color of our teeth.

A balanced diet habit, which should be acquired from the beginning of childhood, is the most important element of a healthy life. Avoiding foods that put pressure on the teeth, staying away from sugary foods and not consuming extremely cold and hot foods and beverages allow us to protect our dental health until later ages.

Some foods have positive effects on our dental health and help us to protect our dental health.

Vegetables and Fruits High in Fiber

A carrot, celery or apple slice will keep your teeth clean and go great with a rich main course. The saliva you produce, especially when you eat crunchy vegetables, ensures that the remaining sugar in your mouth is cleaned with saliva before it has a chance to attack healthy tooth enamel.

Dairy Products and Cheese Types

In a study involving individuals who chewed cheese for three minutes, it was observed that the pH level of their mouths increased for 30 minutes. A low Ph value indicates a high acidity ratio, and a Ph below 5.5 increases the risk of tooth decay. The higher the pH value, the less risk of tooth decay. It has also been shown that drinking milk after eating sweets reduces the amount of plaque formation on one’s teeth.

Seafood Products

Fish, lobster and shellfish are very beneficial for teeth. Most seafood contains fluoride, and this fluoride can help reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Nuts and Protein-Containing Foods

Nuts contain a decent amount of protein as well as calcium and phosphorus that help strengthen tooth enamel. Since hazelnut is a crunchy food, eating a handful of hazelnuts a day can also reduce the risk of tooth decay by stimulating saliva production. Chicken, eggs and other types of lean meats are great for your teeth, thanks to the proteins in them.

What you eat can undoubtedly help protect your teeth, but creating a healthy diet is no substitute for good oral care habits at home. In addition to eating tooth-friendly foods, remember to brush your teeth twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste and floss daily. See your dentist twice a year for a dental cleaning and checkup so that problems can be resolved before they become bigger problems.

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