What is an implant?


dental implant; They are titanium screws placed in the jawbone instead of missing teeth in the mouth. The missing teeth are filled with prostheses suitable for the patient, such as crowns and bridges placed on these screws.

What are the Contributions of Implants to Dental Health?

  •  Provides natural form teeth with almost the same characteristics as lost teeth,
  • It prevents bone loss in the area where the lost tooth is located,
  • It ensures that the chewing system continues its functions in a healthy way,
  • It prevents the surrounding teeth from slipping into the gap caused by the missing tooth and forming deformities.

Implant Application and Healing Process

Dental implants are usually inserted during two separate procedures; The first is to place the implant itself in your jawbone, and the second is to place the new tooth on the implant a few months later. Full recovery may take 5-6 months. However, at this time, the patient can actively use their teeth. Since the materials used in implant treatment are durable, they can be used for a long time.

Dental implants are titanium screws that replace the tooth root. It is screwed into the bone under the gum. After the implant integrates with the patient’s bone, the artificial tooth is screwed onto the implant. In addition to crowns, implants can also be used to support fixed bridges, fixed dentures or removable dentures.

Implants are the ideal solution for many situations where a single tooth, several teeth or all teeth are missing. Even for large cavities in the teeth, a fixed tooth restoration is possible using implants. Dental implants can be used at any age.

How Much Pain Is Felt During Implant Application?

Before the implant operation, which is a surgical procedure, only the area to be treated is anesthetized with local anesthesia. It is necessary to take the prescribed drugs before the operation, to use antiseptic mouthwashes after the procedure and to have a good personal oral care.

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