Teeth whitening



Everyone has the right to laugh. The whitening process involves applying a specially prepared gel on the teeth and accelerating the reaction with a light source in most techniques.

The mechanism of the bleaching process is in the form of an oxidation-reduction reaction. The materials used release oxygen. Substances that cause coloring in teeth are replaced by colorless substances and whitening occurs.

Discoloration in teeth is due to many different reasons.

  • Environmental factors, lack of brushing, dietary chromogens, bacterial plaque on the tooth surface, tooth trauma, coloring foods such as tea-coffee-red wine.
  • Occupational reasons: Exposure to metallic salts.
  • Genetic factors: Dark tooth color due to genetic factors, antibiotics used in childhood, dental tissue diseases such as amelogenesis imperfecta-dentinogenesis imperfecta-fluorosis.
  • Previous dental treatments: Staining due to root canal treatments and amalgam fillings.

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